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World Cup Day 10 Recap: United States advance over Iran & Netherlands gearing for U.S. showdown

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  • 게시일 2022. 11. 28.

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  • Kevin M
    Kevin M  +195

    Dest was MVP this game and the England game, keep this man on the USMNT. That goal would not have been possible without him.

  • JD
    JD  +80

    As a Brit it’s great to see Football (soccer) becoming bigger and bigger in the US. I hope the US really does progress further into the tournament and start to gain momentum with more Americans who normally wouldn’t give it the time of day. Best of luck on Saturday.

  • Fleezy
    Fleezy  +176

    I pray we get Pulisic and Sargent back. I also pray the USA learns to finish chances! We should have been 1st in this group had the USA finished some of the chances they had! Anyways, big respect to the Iranian Players for keeping the game none dirty and respectful. Good Job Team Iran!

  • Kevin Hernandez

    Shoutout on Pulisic for putting it all on the line! 🇺🇸🏆🐐

  • Flegpuppy
    Flegpuppy  +119

    Alexi's loose tie tells how much stress he was under, and now he is relieved.

  • Joseph Rosabal

    Proud to be an American! All the way from Miami fl ! I saw the game on Telemundo andres cantor call on Pulisic goal i literally started crying 😂 unbelievable game

  • Juan Carlos Martin

    I am a teacher and was openly playing the game for my students. The tension was real! It’s a blessing to be able to watch the World Cup during school.

  • Hao Liu
    Hao Liu  +27

    Good call out to the teachers and students. I was a bit pleasantly surprised that my kids came home telling me that their teachers put the game on in the classroom (here in Virginia). People from Brazil had told me that nobody there works in the World Cup month. We are far from that but at least we should give people time off to watch and support our own team.

  • Joseph Plays Pickleball

    I could not believe how many terrible loose touches Robinson had to give away possession. Other than that he played very well.

  • Gio Del VEcchio

    The US team is fantastic, full of talented players with good physiques. Good strikers are missing. With good kickers in the front, this team would make history. Saturday, another battle. God bless USA Soccer Team!!

  • Icupmyfartss

    As a Dutchy the US team scares me. Very solid and energetic. Well done! Looking forward to Saturday!

  • Matt Hull
    Matt Hull  +69

    Well done America from England happy you guys are getting into football more

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C  +20

    Dest was SO good. If we can bring in Gio, LDLT, and Scally off the bench I’m guessing our second halves will look much better

  • Michael Nielsen

    45min vs Wales, 45min vs Iran - high paced, high technical aggressive PERFECT play! the way that the sport is supposed to be. Your young team still lags experience and cant keep it up for 90 mims, but I see no limits for what they can achieve in 4 years 👏 keep it up and you will win many (soccer) hearts, like you already won mine! Love from Denmark 🇩🇰

  • 30DaysOfRamadan

    He’s definitely right about the Set Pieces, we need to work on that, especially against this Netherlands team 😤 🇺🇸 v 🇳🇱 🔥

  • Cayenne Peppa

    I agree with Alexi when he snuck in that question regarding pragmatic play- "Do we?" at about minute 7. NO. We don't. I don't understand why we couldn't counter attack. They had so many people committed that once that line is broken it's nothing more than a foot race to the other side. Instead, we were playing like it was a hockey game and we were a man down. We just dumped it back to the other side and waited for them to attack again... and again... and again... and again. A great way to diffuse that is to counter attack hard and put them back on their heels. Just my opinion. Thanks, guys, as always.

  • Craig Silver

    Dest is a world class defender!!! If we had a couple of more quality playmakers, we can beat anyone. I am not just saying this out of excitement. We are a great team

  • SH P
    SH P  +31

    USA deserved to win , because Iran played very defensively in the first half.

  • Roger Stephen Roth

    USA is kind of getting it sort of, maybe not there yet as a soccer-football nation but with more experience and tradition build it would be interesting to see what happens. I personally think they have improved over the years even by crashing out from Russia 2018.

  • Roger Stephen Roth

    Well I have to personally congratulate the USMNT team as they are showing signs of improvement. Maybe they aren't like the women's team which are 4 time world champions and Olympic champions, but I think it is a positive the USA is learning to play soccer-football with the men and not just stick with baseball, football, hockey and basketball. To make it to the top 16 is a honor. The best two finishes for the USMNT historically has been 3rd place in 1930 Uruguay but that back then had less games and the 2002 run in the quarterfinals in Japan and South Korea. I think we should make a deal with the English to call the sport soccer-football since the soccer football controversy remains in the English language. I think Netherlands is a very tough opponent, but overall there is room for growth and improvement with the men's team.